• Attention to Detail.

    From the smallest component to the bigger picture, everything we do at Fanquip just oozes precision.
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  • Impressive Range.

    From a simple pedestal to an entire factory, at Fanquip we have all the fresh air you could ever need.
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  • Custom Solutions.

    At Fanquip, we pride ourselves in our ability to adapt or design new products or custom solutions for our clients...
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  • Always Consistent

    At Fanquip, our products just keep working. Day after day, week after week. Helping you to keep your cool...
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  • Latest Project

    Why not check out our latest turnkey project - the design and supply of ventilation system for the Charlestown Square upgrade..?
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Service and Repair - Keeping your wheels turning...


All Fanquip customers can be confident that their service and repair needs, from minor servicing to major overhaul, will be met on time and at the right price. All service and repair work is guaranteed and implemented under strict regulatory guidelines. Using our manufacturing experience, technical expertise and extensive
parts inventory, we are able to significantly reduce both repairs
and service times – essential for your busy schedule.

Fanquip Service and Repair

Contact us about Service or Repair Options