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Air Curtains

Heavy industrial unit providing a high speed curtain of air in front of doorways and entrances, to block…

Backward Inclined Centrifugal Fans

For the ultimate in clean air handling solutions with low noise, Fanquip Backward Inclined Centrifugal Fans are the…

Belt Drive Axial Flow Fans

Designed for the most demanding applications where the motor is required to be mounted outside the airstream. Ideal…

Curb Base Roof Fan
Curb Base Hooded Roof Fans

Heavy industrial, weatherproof roof exhaust or supply air fan for the removal of heat, steam and dust in…

Axial Direct Drive
Direct Drive Axial Flow Fans

Heavy duty inline axial fan designed to remove and dispense contaminated air from industrial processes which generate heat,…

End Wall Exhaust Fan
End Wall Exhaust Fans

Low noise belt driven exhaust fan designed for ventilating large buildings or warehouses. Includes a gravity closing louvre…

Filter Fans

Providing reliable rates of fresh filtered air to rooms with sensitive equipment, reducing maintenance and shut down times.

Giant Fans

Ultra low noise, high volume fans provide unrivalled air movement efficiency in a range of applications including workshops,…

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